Klong is a sound, a clang. Klong is also a trademark that values timelessness.
That wants to surprise and give unexpected experiences.Klong values as well as cares for
the human being and nature. Klong combines the obvious with something extra, something
special. Let Klong be lingering. Be a statement in the room. Klong combines functionality,
materials and shape to create a product valuable or difficult to grow tired of. Klong creates
basic home appliances. It is a nice gift to give away or to receive. Klong develops products
where the combination of functionality, materials and shape make something worthy of
caring for, something lasting. Every piece is a product to be enjoyed for years to come by
its owner.The intention of Klong is to produce products that respectfully take the human
being and nature in consideration. Klong put’s great importance to work with designers
who dare to create their own expressions without following trends. Klong finds its
inspiration in many different cultures although most of the designers come from Sweden.